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plaza san miguel
Dirección Plaza San Miguel GijónAsturias


This square is named after the Asturian soldier and politician Evaristo San Miguel y Valledor (1785-1862), author of the lyrics to the Riego National Anthem, penned in 1820.

The square is located in what was one corner of the old city walls, built in 1837 when the city was declared a stronghold during the First Carlist War. The walls joined at this very spot to form one of the bastions of the fortress.

In the last quarter of the 19th century, the state ceded the land to the city, thus allowing it to expand beyond the walls. So began the San Lorenzo Sands Expansion, resulting in the creation of the working-class district known as “Barriu L’Arena” (the Sands neighbourhood).

Historicism, Art Deco, Modernism and Rationalism are all styles that come together in the buildings that surround the square.